ALHAMBRA D/O (M2) Hand Grenade
with electro-mechanical Fuze
The safest
in the entire world

ALHAMBRA D/O (M2) Hand Grenade

The ALHAMBRA D/O (M2) hand grenade is the  only mechano-electronical hand grenade in the world. This state-of-the-art solution, designed and produced by INSTALAZA, does not need batteries since it generates its own energy. This, together with its detonator out of line, makes the ALHAMBRA D/O (M2) the safest hand grenade of the market during transport, storage and use.

The electronic fuze allows for 100% of the fuzes to be tested twice during the manufacturing process. Thanks to all these tests we obtain a reliability of 99,91% (level of confidence 95% Fisher-Snedecor). The ALHAMBRA D/O (M2) does not need maintenance and has a shelf life of more than 10 years.

The ALHAMBRA D/O (M2) is a Defensive/Offensive dual-use hand grenade that simplifies logistics by carrying a single grenade for two types of use. Supplied in Defensive configuration, the soldier can quickly remove the fragmentation jacket, which includes 3500 hardened steel spheres, for Offensive use.

ALHAMBRA Hand Grenade

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  • ALHAMBRA D/O (M2): Defensive/Offensive
  • ALHAMBRA D/O-EJ: Exercise
  • ALHAMBRA D/O-IN (M2): Inert





  • Defensive/Offensive dual-use hand grenade
  • The only Electro-mechanical hand grenade in the market
  • Detonator out of line
  • Only fuze tested 100% during manufacturing
  • 99.91% reliability
  • More than 10 years of shelf life
  • Controlled fragmentation
  • Double handling safety
  • Training version ALHAMBRA D/O-EJ with a small spotting charge and inert version ALHAMBRA-D/O-IN (M2)

Technical Specifications

Weight 400 g 400 g
Height 100 mm 100 mm
65 mm 65 mm
Explosive mass
104 g Small spotting charge
Controlled-size fragments (defensive configuration) >3.500
Lethal Radius 0,2m2 target (defensive configuration) 10 m
Safety radius
20 m
Fuze functioning Mechano electronic / 4 s  Electronic / 4 s
Offensive configuration Peak Pressure >200 kPa (1 m) 31 kPa (3 m) 14 kPa (5 m)

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