1943 Company Formation

1943 Formation

INSTALAZA is registered as “Sociedad Anónima”, as the successor of the previous Instalaciones Zaragoza, S.L.



INSTALAZA joins the “bazooka” project, starting its history in the defense sector

1953 MOD.53 Rocket Launcher

Our first Rocket Launcher, the MOD.53, 88,9 mm caliber, is operationally evaluated and enters servicemodelo 53

1957 Rifle Grenades

Our 7,62 mm compatible Rifle Grenades are operationally evaluated and enter service


1958 Shaped-charge rockets

Operational evaluation and entry into service

1962 First export contract

First export contract of 88,9 mm rocket launcher and ammunition

modelo 65

1983 C90 appears

1983 Operational evaluation and entry into service of the first generation of C90 Systems

1984 Operational evaluation and entry into service of TR90 Subcaliber Trainer for C90 Systems and its training ammunition


1986 Ballistics Laboratory in San Gregorio Proving Ground

The Spanish Ministry of Defense authorizes the creation of INSTALAZA’s ballistics laboratory in San Gregorio Proving Ground



Manufacturing of TOW missile canister


H-APG_2154 r

1988 C90 Second generation

1989 Optronics department established


Set up of melt-cast explosive loading facility



Entry into servicealhambra-DO

2005 New facilities

INSTALAZA signs an agreement with the Spanish MoD for the use of Cadrete Depot, next to INSTALAZA II


2005 Night vision for HK G36-E

INSTALAZA’s VN-MF is awarded with the night vision tender for the new Spanish Army Assault Rifle HK G36-E


2008 Second generation of ALCOTAN-100

First contract of the second generation of ALCOTAN-100, with better performance and lower weight than the previous generation, and equipped with new anti-tank and anti-bunker warheads


2008 C90 Fourth generation

2014 C90 Reusable

New C90 Reusable, part of C90 family, following operational requirements of our customers. An ultralight reusable launcher tube capable of firing the latest generation of C90 ammunition

C90 reusable

2015 CS90

The CS90, capable of being fired from very small confined spaces, joined the C90 family. With this addition, the C90 family addresses all possible operational needs of our customers


2018 New Fire Control Unit with thermal vision VOSEL (M2)-IR

Development of the new VOSEL (M2)-IR with integrated thermal camera


2019 Procurement of former Army Depot

INSTALAZA procures the Cadrete Depot from the Spanish MoD. With this addition, INSTALAZA II manufacturing and storage facility reaches 2.5 square kilometers (250 hectares)

2020 Electro-optic sight e-IVISION for the C90 Reusable family

New sight e-IVISION for the C90 Reusable with electronic display and ammunition type selection


2021 New light Fire Control Unit FS100

Development of the FS100 Fire Control Unit for the munitions of the ALCOTAN-100 (M2) family

2022 New system CS70

Development of a new Shoulder Launched Munition, smaller size, single-use and with confined spaces capability


2024 Corporative Image Update

INSTALAZA presents its new updated corporate image as part of its upgrade and modernisation plan,