Night vision capability for C90 family and CS70

The Night vision devices designed by INSTALAZA provide the soldier with day and night operational capabilities, a basic requirement of any modern army.
Two models compose the family of INSTALAZA’s night vision devices.

  • VN38-C based on Image Intensifier Tube technology, compatible with the C90 family
  • VN-IR with thermal camera, compatible with C90 and CS70 families


  • Fast and easy mounting on the weapon systems
  • Available systems with Image Intensifier Tube (VN38-C) and thermal camera (VN-IR)
  • Lightweight systems from 800 g
  • Functioning with primary batteries

Technical Specifications

Type of technology
Image Intensifier Tube Gen 2+ or higher Sensor LWIR 640×480 Gen 3
Magnification 1X attached to weapon
3,3X surveillance mode
1X attached to weapon
Field of view
12º 11,7º x 8,8º
Battery 2 x AAA 2 x CR123A
Weight (battery included) 800 g 900 g
Compatibility C90 Family C90 and C70 Families


Night vision for C90 family

The VN38-C has been developed to provide night vision capabilities to the C90 Family Systems.
This passive device, of very low energy consumption, can be used as surveillance with a 3.3 magnification optic or easily integrated, without the need of any tool, with the optics of any C90 family system.


Thermal camera for C90 and CS70 families

The VN-IR has been developed to complete the night vision capabilities of the C90 and CS70 families by means of a system based on high resolution LWIR sensor allowing an effective thermal vision in unfavorable environmental conditions.

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