FTV Rifle grenade for 5,56 mm caliber with bullet trap

FTV Rifle grenade

The FTV rifle grenade is universal for weapons with a standard 22 mm muzzle which allows direct and indirect shots with any 5,56 mm ammunition due to its bullet trap device.

Due to its shaped charge design with treated steel body, in order to obtain the best fragmentation, this grenade bullet trap type is very effective against armoured vehicles and soft targets.

Its dimensions have been minimized allowing the infantry soldier to transport multiple units without hindering its movements. The FTV can be fired from the shoulder and from any conventional position.

The grenades FTV-IN and FTV-IN 20 are the FTV training versions.

FTV Rifle grenade

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  • Shaped charge with 110 mm armour steel penetration
  • Bullet trap device
  • 6,5 m lethal fragmentation radius
  • External transport safety device
  • Out of line explosive chain and super-quick response fuze

Technical Specifications

Anti-armour + Fragmentation Training (one-use) Training (reusable)
Assault riffle caliber
5,56 mm 5,56 mm 5,56 mm
Muzzle 22 mm 22 mm 22 mm
Grenade caliber
36 mm 36 mm 36 mm
Length 350 mm 350 mm 350 mm
Weight 0,46 kg 0,46 kg 0,46 kg
Effective range (point target)
150 m
Maximum range 300 m 300 m 300 m
Bullet trap Yes Yes No
Penetration on armour steel
110 mm
Fragments 400
Lethal radius
min 5 m

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