Quality Policy


To design, produce and market weapons and ammunition systems for the Armed Forces, especially to be used by the Infantry, as well as sub-assemblies to be integrated into complex Defence systems, containing advanced proprietary technologies that provide high added value and are a benchmark in terms of Safety, Reliability and Performance.


To be a world leader in shoulder fired weapon systems, with innovative proprietary designs that lead the market in terms of Safety, Reliability and Performance.

To have and continuously improve critical technologies for the design, production and testing of our products.

Produce our own designs, or third-party designs, with processes that contribute to guaranteeing and enhancing Safety, Reliability and Performance, as well as the health and safety of our employees and collaborators, the protection of our facilities and the environment.

Exploit our numerous and highly specialised capabilities to expand into other defence or civil sectors with dual use capabilities, becoming a design and manufacturing authority for complex sub-assemblies, especially those integrating explosive components and/or advanced optronics.


INSTALAZA’s quality policy is based on:

  • Developing our mission under the strictest compliance with the law, business ethics, resource efficiency and good governance practices.
  • Fostering a good environment in the organisation, the permanence of our key personnel, communication and knowledge sharing, in order to generate, develop and retain talent and skills.
  • Continuously improve our processes, mitigate threats and take advantage of opportunities, with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction, as well as adequately meeting the needs and expectations of other stakeholders.
  • Maintain and strengthen our own capabilities and the appropriate collaboration with our suppliers, in order to have the greatest possible flexibility and autonomy, enabling us to satisfy the priority requests of strategic customers.
  • To promote the commitment and awareness of the personnel, for the fulfilment of requirements and continuous improvement, under the following precepts:
    • Employees are responsible for the quality of their own work, for its adequate documentation, complemented by the appropriate inspections and verifications carried out by the Quality Management department.
    • Managers, at any level, are responsible for achieving the strictest compliance with our Quality Management System in their area of responsibility, for which they must train and provide adequate instructions to their subordinates.
    • All personnel are responsible for communicating to their corresponding superior any information that may be relevant to our Quality Management System.
  • The Organisation, led by its Management and, in particular, by the Quality Management Directorate, is responsible for ensuring that our Quality Management System is effective to comply with this policy and meet the objectives that are established.

September, 2023
Approved by: The Chief Executive Officer

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